Monday, May 23, 2016

Tevis Junior High Jazz Band: Kelly Willey, Director. 5/22/16.
If you closed your eyes, you would never think these kids were in junior high. Clearly professional, better than most live local acts, IMHO. Truly a shining moment for Director Kelly Willey, daughter-in-law of Fran & Gordon Willey, longtime supporters and Board Members of the Basin Street Regulars & Pismo Jubilee. Fran had great reason to be proud!

Midnight Rose: Great Trad Jazz Example Clip. 5/22/16.
Midnight Rose was our headline act this Sunday, playing two very professional & crowd-pleasing sets. This solo round example features these talented musicians hailing from near Stockton: Nancy Kreis: Clarinet; Tim Kreis: Tenor Sax; Jeff Kreis: Trombone; Bonnie Otto: Piano; Carl Warmdahl: Drums; Reuben Smith: Tuba, usually; Jan Buhlert: Banjo & Guitar; & are led by Dannie Balser~Singinghawk: Trumpet & Vocals. Our own Tom Dutart is representing on Sousaphone (or is it a Tuba?). I love to hear Tom play (I'm a Dutart Groupie): " never know what to expect from Tom," as Linda Dutart agrees. He adds a bit of fun to any group. This time he played it pretty straight, but he'll keep u own ur toes.

Pismo Beach: Trad Jazz Jam Tradition the last Sunday of every month, for the past forty years, Pismo Beach has hosted a friendly jazz session. The above YouTube Link is an audio example of our jam band, The Basin Street Regulars. We had never rehearsed this song before and features four members, two in the sax section, from Bakersfield's Tevis Junior High Band. "South" is a tune co-written in 1924 by Bennie Moten, his greatest hit and the most popular of tunes in its day. The tune exemplifies our (non-profit) goal of preserving traditional jazz and sponsoring youth to learn more (and play more) of our music. Dig the contrapuntal & harmonic effects of collective improvisation here: It is a signature of our style of music. This tune goes out to one of our many tireless volunteers, Gail Lightfoot, who's running for 2016 US Senate...and likes reed instruments. :) Our 40th "Ruby" Jubilee is set for October 27-30 in Pismo. This will be our best line-up ever, headlined by Maria Muldaur and over 40 talented acts in the style of traditional jazz, swing, and the blues. Come join us if you can! For more information about our mission: