Monday, August 31, 2015

August 30 Show Recap

Let's hope you got to see this show! Blue Street Jazz Band did not disappoint, to a near-capacity crowd. Pacific Swing really swung and a fine time was had by all. Blue Street called us the best jazz club in the universe! How touching, but there is a lot of history between us, we kinda grew up together. Kudos goes out to our own Kenneth Davis, who filled in admirably on drums for Blue Street, never skipping a beat. Our gang of locals, Pacific Swing put on a great intermission show. I was so impressed!  Maybe we all ought to go to jazz camp, then we can play like Jazzmaster Del! 

So I put some short clips of videos on YouTube and linked them below. Sorry I missed the Parade Dance, but we had a line of about 25 or so, of course led by Linda Shorb. We represented on that dance, Blue Street was impressed (and they have seen over 1000 of them in New Orleans). To me, the key is in simultaneously spinning the parasol and dancing, like a fun groove exercise. (Update: We got it! Thanks Susie!). In any case, Blue Street will be back for the Jubilee. We'll get a really long line going then! 

So check out the brief videos below to view/hear the fun. See if you can spot Hugh tirelessly selling raffle tickets (ala "Where's Waldo") and see if you can find yourself or your friends enjoying the show. It seemed everyone was tapping their feet! See you next time!

Blue Street: Sweet Georgia Brown (1:24)
Blue Street : Kenneth Davis drum solo (0:20)
Pacific Swing: I'm Beginning to See the Light (1:25)
Pacific Swing: Dueling reeds (1:20)
Blue Street & Us! Parasol parade (1:23)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sunday, August 30 Show: Dancing Day

Greetings Jazzy Enthusiasts: It will be difficult to top last month's session (those crazy Crescent Katz kids from Sacramento), but we aim to step up our game. Jazz has many flavors, sometimes you feel like Rocky Road, other times Butter Pecan. This month will be more dance-friendly, so bring some comfortable shoes...

Our featured group this month is a longtime favorite, The Blue Street Jazz Band. 2015 marks their 32nd anniversary, a true force of musicality, integrity, stability, and professionalism in the performance of Dixieland Jazz. Founded in 1983 by trumpet player Forrest Helmick and currently under the leadership of trombonist Dave Ruffner, Blue Street continues to be one of the most innovative groups in traditional jazz. Original songs and creatively conceived arrangements have been the hallmark of the band along with each member's unique musical prowess. The band features the singing of Sherri Colby. While traditional jazz is the cornerstone of Blue Street, they are also known for their eclectic tastes in music. Musical styles performed by the band also includes Swing, Mardi Gras, Folk Songs, Marches, Waltzes, and Gospel Music. In any genre, beware of tapping feet!

The Blue Street Jazz Band

Our local band this month is Pacific Swing, a five piece band comprised of active professionals from the Central Coast music scene. The crowd will surely "move it more at intermission" with this fantastic blend of fastpaced swing, Dixieland, Latin, or a nice danceable mixture of it all. This band has appeared many times at our Sunday sessions and is always a hit, especially for our dancing crowd. Bring your dancing shoes!

Pacific Swing

Oh, and let's not forget about our preliminary Jam sets, always fun and surprisingly musical, even if unrehearsed. ;) We all try to represent what it means to be a "Basin Street Regular:" (1) have fun; (2) play ur heart out; (3) give the kids their showcase; and (4) collectively improvise, whenever possible. This month's sets are led by our stunningly effective Jazz Master, Del Gomes (JazzMaster Del, lol), fresh back from jazz camp. Here is a list of this Sunday's jam set tunes, as well- and aptly chosen by Rhonda & "Cardinal numbers:"

Set 1 (11-11:30AM): Wabash Blues; Ballin' the Jack; Paper Moon; Tiger Rag; Just a Little While; (South)
Set 2 (11:45-12:15): Dinah; Bourbon St. Parade; When You're Smiling; Goody Goody; Nobody's Sweetheart; Exactly Like You
Set 3 (12:30-1:00): Muskrat Rumble; Ice Cream; Sheik of Araby; Sweet Lorraine; Big Butter & Egg Man

As ever, the jams start at 11AM. Blue Street has different sets at 1 & 3:20PM. Pacific Swing time from 2:20-3:10. Food and drinks available (I am a sucker 4 the Frito boats!). And don't forget about the raffle at 3:15. Last month I won the below priceless painting,"Save the Octagon Barn," by Joan Karlie Goodall (I Love it!). This time I'm buying extra tix from Hugh, targeting the new Crescent Katz' CD (b/c it has the Shakey's Pizza Theme Song). Ok, cu there, don't be square. Prepare to swing...I am personally treating the show as a 2-day-belated "birthday party dance" for Linda Shorb (b/c she moves the most amongst us, lol). Long Live Jazz!